Yoyotech at Esports Venue Summit

It was great to see Yoyotech’s esports director James Fraser- Murison on stage at the inaugural in-person Esports Venue Summit in Swansea. James was speaking on the latest news, opportunities and advancements in esports and gaming arenas in education.

Esports Venue Summit is the only forum dedicated to esports venues. The summit followed the highly successful Virtual Event Week in October 2020. The esports venue forum is dedicated to esports venues and spaces and will play a part the future of esports hosting, esports venue design, and technology.

As our educational specialist, James took to the stage, along with Ben Akroyd, Dominic Mulroy and Marina Papadopoulou to discuss the dynamic ever-changing progress in esports arena builds within the education, business and entertainment industry. Yoyotech were able to share their most recent project – the development and installation of the esports arena for Newcastle United. The NU Foundation is opening up the esports arena to the local community. Teaching esports business and giving local students access to amazing gaming opportunities.

James said of the event “It was great to be involved in a physical event and meet such an amazing panel with a wealth of experience and knowledge. It was a pleasure to be able to share the most recent successes of Yoyotech and discuss our various projects coming down the track. Exciting times ahead!”

Esports are increasingly becoming integrated into the sports industry, schools, colleges and universities. It’s a great way to connect with a ready-made audience of esports gamers and esports fans.  Games like League of Legends, Dota, Call of Duty, Fortnite and  FIFA have a huge and growing fanbase. Live esports events have the potential to attract huge audiences, and esports and challenging sports and music for the live event market. Of course, it’s not all about the big events, the Esports Arena at NU Foundation gives the local community access to an amazing immersive digital environment. Yoyotech are proud to be involved, and it was a great chance for James to showcase our work.

Esports spaces are a great way to get students socially engaged in this dynamic and inclusive environment. In Education, we can see the social and inclusive benefits of esports. with potential career paths emerging, the BTEC in Esports is tapping into these future proof career opportunities.   Whether that career pathway be broadcasting, event organiser, business, or esports team career path. Like traditional sports, not everyone is going to become a professional gamer, but the social and mental benefits of opening esports to students. Building communities, self -confidence and developing social skills, Esports activities certainly enrich life.