Timesaving and smart esports arena software

Customisable secure desktop overlay
A platform for gamers to launch all their favourite titles
Compete for leader boards locally and globally
Track player usage & expenditure
Ensure maximum up time with daily remote updates
Manage safeguarding
Update games automatically
Can control all PC's - Logging in / Remote access / Powering on

You'll never have to worry about a virus, malicious user or large game patch ever again. Meaning you'll be able to focus more on your gamers and reduce the dependancy on traditional IT support.

Yoyotech uses a state-of-the-art platform that has everything you need to operate a modern esports venue. Yoyotech is the only UK supplier of GG software.

Our Esports Software Management means you can manage every game update and PC security solution. You'll never have to worry about a virus, malicious user or large game patch ever again. Meaning you’ll be able to focus more on your gamers and reduce the dependency on traditional IT support. Yoyotech recommends esports arena management software, GG Circuit. Most of our arenas run on GG Leap a global cloud-based software package that runs without a server and is managed via the internet on a PC.

This means you can control your esports arena using GG Circuit software, easily, efficiently, and promptly. You can control access to age-appropriate games. You can restrict access by player login or across the arena. Restricting access for a kids birthday party in the afternoon, and allowing 18+ access to the college team booked in for the evening. You can even access this software remotely, giving you even more control and freedom. Using leading-edge technology to deliver the best possible experience. GGLeap has integrations with high quality 3rd party vendors such as Square to deliver the highest possible quality and choice. Timesaving and smart software like this are what make Yoyotech the complete esports solution.


Another great resource is GG Rock, a foundational diskless server technology that saves esports arenas downtime and therefore money.

Consistently implementing gaming updates in the background, keeps the players happy and the gaming PCs in use. This software makes it possible to update one P image, on one server and then boot all the gaming PCs from that network image with no local hard drive needed on your PCs.

You can personalise gamers’ experiences with focused rewards and incentives, recognising their efforts and achievements. Software features include automated events, tournaments, prizes and game stat tracking.

GG Sport is an important element in the success of Yoyotech esports arenas, keeping them operating efficiently and responsively. It helps with the esports arena management and it also improves the gamer UX – a win for everyone.


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