Meet the Winner of our Fortnite tournament at Insomnia 68

If you’re not familiar with our insane young protégé, Wolfiez , I have to wonder what planet you’ve been hiding on. Wolfiez is a member of the XL Esports team and this 16 year old professional gamer, is also the 2019 Fortnite World Cup runner up. So when Wolfiez made a guest appearance at phenomenal Gaming Show, Insomnia ’68 it caused quite a stir. As a part of the Excel Experience, guests were able to sign up for several tournaments across the entire weekend. These were hosted in League of Legends, Valorant, Fifa and Fortnite.

He was there representing Excel Esports and showcasing the brand new systems provided by Yoyotech, This was the first outing for the new gaming PCs, so it was a massive chance to show off their power and beauty! It was also a chance for players to pitch themselves against the champion, Wolfiez, and face a real challenge in the hugely popular, Fortnite.

One esports player, Rezhexx, took this challenge very seriously. The son of TV presenter, Jason Bradbury (attending in this capacity as proud dad!), has been a massive fan of Wolfiez since his world cup outing in 2019 and has been striving for the same level of play ever since.

As well as going to school like any other kid his age, Rezhexx also streams in his spare time which has allowed him to reach an audience and kick start his career as an influencer/content creator. He is already beginning to get creative with his streams by taking his audience to the water for live surfing streams, showing the potential avenues for growth he can take. Many of his streams however are spent refining his gaming skills on Fortnite and he is currently proving himself to be one of the strongest players in the running.

Rezhexx brought this skill to Insomnia and right from the start, we could tell he was going to be a very strong contender. He played near perfectly and after a couple of slip ups early on, managed to beat out the competition and win himself come custom XL Air Force 1s provided by JD Sports. After such an impressive display, he’s made a name for himself in the professional gaming space and is a true example of the up-and-coming talent making their way into the spotlight.

Competitive British Esports is thriving. Excel Esports are a strong contender in the British gaming culture with teams competing in League of Legends, FIFA22, Valorant and Fornite. It was great to get the chance to meet future contenders at i68.

Didn’t make it to the NEC for Insomnia 68? No worries – tickets are already on sale for Insomnia 69 on the August Bank Holiday 26th-29th #i69 The Insomnia Gaming Festival has been going since1999, it’s a celebration of all things gaming.