Yoyotech ready for BETT23

Bett hosts the largest Education Technology exhibition in the world, showcasing cutting-edge and impactful products and services, including Yoyotech.


BETT 2022 was a real eye-opener for the team Yoyotech. Allowing us to speak to lots of people interested in starting up esports in their schools/colleges and universities, from the curious to the committed. What we discovered is people often don't know where to start. We learned that many people tend to do one of the following; Not do their research, slowing the project down with a lack of understanding of equipment and budgets, and having to constantly adjust expectations, deadlines, and costs. Or they talk to different companies for each aspect of their esports arena, then find the project becomes muddled, and difficult to manage. If the various companies don’t communicate with each other, the resulting arena can lack coherence. Because Yoyotech handles the whole project, from design, build, furniture, and gaming PCs right through to arena management software, our clients get a well-functioning, atmospheric and cohesive esports department.


We really enjoyed BETT22 and made connections that led to our biggest arena projects to date, so we’re looking forward to making an even bigger splash at BETT 2023.  With lots of exciting new designs, hardware and upcoming builds that we cannot wait to show off.

Last year’s event was the first time they made a big push on esports in education. BETT 22 had a massive stage where industry professionals and trailblazers gave talks and advice on breaking into the industry, including advising how esports can benefit schools. This year, watch out for Kalam Neale, Head of Education at British Esports and check out the great range of speakers on offer at BETT23, here.

This was also a space where students took part in show matches, resulting in partnership opportunities for up-and-coming players getting their careers off the ground. This year, BETT is expanding its esports focus, almost doubling its size. We’ll be at BETT23 from the 29th to the 31st March at the Excel Centre London, discussing all the ways we can streamline your esports experience and turn your classroom into a high-powered, all-in-one esports facility.

YOYOTECH Bett show 2022
BETT London 2022

So, what can you expect to see from us? We’ll be showcasing our latest desk design that will double student productivity and make management of your arena even easier than previously possible.  A big part of this management process is our partnership with ggCircuit, an all-in-one arena management software that handles all of your game updates, controls of the PCs via an admin computer, and keeps track of your player accounts. Giving you complete control of your esports arena. Yoyotech is the sole supplier of ggCurcuit software in the UK and we will be showcasing this amazing management software and all our equipment live at the event so come find us and say hi, whether you're just curious or are passionate about esports in education.

PC gaming suite with 3 gaming chairs at Insomnia 68