Newcastle United Foundation partners with Yoyotech to open dazzling new esports arena

The explosive popularity of esports arenas among players and spectators alike is fuelling significant growth in the esports industry forecast and developing a better understanding of its cognitive, motivational, social, and health benefits.

Newcastle United Foundation officially opens its state-of-the-art esports arena this week to welcome its community to another exciting chapter by enriching young and adult lives with the opportunity to develop specialised digital skills needed for the digital games and entertainment industry. This initiative further enhances the extraordinary power football has in connecting, motivating, inspiring, and engaging the local community.

Swiftly after Bett Global closed its doors on the 26th of March, Yoyotech headed up to Newcastle as an esports partner of the Newcastle United Foundation for the opening of their brand new £8 million facility.

“We added the ‘wow factor' to this contemporary new project that will see thousands of visitors every month. We can’t wait to head back!” says James Fraser-Murison

“Yoyotech has been instrumental throughout the setup of the new esports room. Their involvement spanned the design, build, installation of PC hardware and furniture for the room as well as sourcing the software to manage the room’s safety and security. Yoyotech helped us navigate room setup and explained the options available to help us make informed decisions” says Andrew Foster- Programme Manager for Newcastle United Foundation

“With what’s happening in Ukraine right now it’s a real privilege to have worked on such a positive project.  It’s great to see the esports community pulling together to realise this initiative which has effectively used its funding to develop a space that will not only educate but offer a vast range of opportunities to the wider community including the engagement of youngsters in an environment they will thrive in and would not previously have had the chance to do so” says Nik Turner- Esports Consultant and Esports Teacher

“The Newcastle United Foundation contacted us in October 2021 to help them create their first-ever esports arena to deliver their esports BTEC and to create a ‘wow factor’ for those in the surrounding area who don’t have access to this vast and engaging industry. The Foundation is now able to offer the local community and surrounding communities exactly what esports is about. A leveller for all involved, regardless of background and ability. It’s been fantastic to see the finished arena and the joy it will bring to the people of Newcastle. It’s been a privilege to watch the journey unfold and Yoyotech are delighted to have been involved in such a worthwhile project from start to finish”, says James Fraser-Murison- Esports Teacher and Yoyotech BDM