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Yoyotech Gaming PCs are custom built for the ultimate gaming experience. Blending quality and value creating high-end gaming PCs, we endeavour to offer performance while still retaining value & quality. If you are on a budget, our custom configurator gives you a wide range of components to choose from so you can spec to your budget.

The Warbird series are award-winning desktops which are tested and proven to give you outstanding benchmark crushing performance. Featuring the latest overclocked Intel processors and VR ready graphics cards.


With over a decade of experience in building the world’s most advanced custom gaming computers, every gaming PC is hand built by skilled technicians in the UK.

Our team of technicians test every custom gaming computer with a series of stress-tests and benchmarks that analyse all the components.

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Our Gaming PCs can conquer the most demanding games with ultra detail, speed and power giving you a fluid and immersive gaming experience.

Most of our systems are VR Ready allowing you to dive into a new world and bring your games to life.


Setting the bar with our Award-Winning Gaming PCs our aim is to offer you unparalelled power and unmatched performance.

Using only hand-picked components our systems are redefining the meaning of Gaming PC by optimising performance.

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intel 9th gen nvidia rtx g skill

9th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors


GeForce RTX: Graphics Reinvented


High Performance G.SKILL Memory


Introducing the NEW 9th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors the first unlocked mainstream desktop processor. When paired with Intel® Optane™ memory, accelerates the loading and launching of the games you play. With up to 5GHz and 16-way multitasking, take your creativity to the next level with the power you need to create, edit, and share. NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ delivers the ultimate PC gaming experience. Powered by the new NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture and the revolutionary RTX platform, RTX graphics cards bring together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. This is a whole new way to experience games. Designed for enthusiasts, G.SKILL high speed desktop memory family consists only highly selected hardware and validated with the most rigorous testing process. It delivers superior performance, quality and compatibility for PC gamers, performance workstations, enthusiast power users and anyone who loves the cutting-edge of technology!



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Use the performance chart below to find the system you need. From a system to play Fortnite to 4K gaming, we cater to every level of gaming; wether you are playing casually or are looking for hardcore immersion.

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