Redback N6 Wins Gaming PC of the year!

With Ryzen on the up and coming, our Redback N6 adds to the hype winning the PC PRO Gaming PC of the year award! Featuring a full temepered glass case to show off some RGB goodness along with the Asus Crosshair IVI Hero motherboard coupled with the Ryzen 7 1800X processor, the N6 sports amazing performance comparable to Intel systems.

“I’m not a hardcore gamer,” said PC Pro’s associate editor Darien Graham-Smith, “but if I were to splash out on a gaming PC it would look a lot like this one. The N6 has the power to tear through games and productivity applications alike, and while many systems turn me off with their lights and futuristic stylings, Yoyotech’s is a more tasteful design for grown-up gamers.”

Thank you PC PRO and all who voted for us!