About Us

At Yoyotech we are focused to Deliver Quality, Performance, and Value without a compromise.

We have been in business since 2002, during this time our reputation as a premier system integrator has grown exponentially since we have proudly built over 45,000 bespoke systems.

Over 17 years, YOYOTech has been one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of custom-built High-Performance PCs. We take great pride in the creation of every new system. As a testament to our acumen, we have won numerous awards from industry publications including “Worlds Fastest PC” in 2008 beating Sun Microsystem.

Everyone who works at YOYOTech is an enthusiast and they all have their areas of specialised knowledge. From complex workstation systems to hardcore gaming, no matter what you need, we have an expert who can help you.

Our reputation and experience allow us to negotiate hard with manufacturers and bring you, our customers, the most competitive prices. Also, with our integrated stock system, you can always check our shelves from home. Having quality products, stellar customer service, and a superior reputation has allowed YOYOTech to grow year on year, starting out in a garage to occupying a major retail and production facility by satisfying the requirements of like-minded enthusiasts.

In 2013 we became part of Centerprise International Group http://www.centerprise.co.uk. This has allowed us to focus and grow in our PC building knowledge and realise the dream.