6 Reasons Why It’s Time To Upgrade & Join The World Of PC Gaming

 It is the season to be jolly, the nights have drawn in and all you want to do is game (What’s new?!) but gone are the days of your parents paying for your limited edition Halo Xbox or PS4 slim.

As sad as it is you have to buy your own stuff, you now have disposable income and are able to live your passion for gaming exactly have you want at any present time. You want an immersive mobile gaming experience you can enjoy from the comfort of your own house and your commute to work, so you purchase a brand new Switch.

Whatever your needs, the world of gaming is now more than capable to exceed your expectations. So you love everything from open-world RPGs like Skyrim, FPS like Call Of Duty and want the most realistic view of the cockpit in Flight Simulator? Then it might be time to upgrade your setup:

Looking Good

Thanks to our incredible and influential partner, Intel, the world of PC gaming is developing at a rapid rate and PCs are able to capture graphics that consoles simply cannot achieve. This isn’t to bash consoles but PCs are far and away the more superior when it comes to graphical capabilities.

You’ve heard it all the time and one look at your favourite YouTuber or Streamer playing on PC with ultra-high settings will give you a glimpse into a world far more beautiful than you could possibly imagine. Watching and comparing on YouTube won’t do justice since they’re compressed files.

Big Library

The PC is the only platform in the world where you can play every non-exclusive game on the market and from over a decade ago. No need to purchase the same game twice, once you own it it’s yours forever to play no matter what.

No longer do you need to purchase GTA when it gets a slight facelift from PS3 to PS4. Not only can a PC play more than any other system but it can also store more than any other system, with the ability to upgrade your hardrive to store thousands of hours of gameplay.

To top it all off, your PC can do more than just host the world’s biggest gaming library. It can store videos, your work, enable you to edit videos, photos, whatever you desire. A PC can do it all and is perfect for multitasking.

Smooth Frame Rate & Loading Times

One thing that is undeniable and cannot be debated is a PC being able to maintain a frame rate far beyond what a console can achieve. Frame rates are not capped on a PC and thus can achieve 60 FPS regularly.

Even smoother than a PCs frame rate is the flow of gameplay. Gone are the days when you’re sat waiting for the game to load, reading the same loading screen text for the 100th time. Before you have time to blink, your PC will have you gaming. Never lose that immersion again.

Start your PC journey today courtesy of our partners Intel & GAME- https://www.game.co.uk/en/hardware/pc/yoyotech-gaming-pcs/?cm_mn=TopNav-_-PC-_-Games-Yoyotech

Play Your Way (Mods, Mods, Mods)

The best part about any video game is getting to live out the story in the world you want to. It’s your story. Think of Skyrim, whatever console you’ve played, how much of the main story have you actually done? The game throws you into such a vast and immersive world that you just get lost and before you know it you’re part of the Dark Brotherhood and have been turned into a vampire!

That’s cool and all but what if when the dragons attack, they looked a little different….. Like Thomas The Tank Engine perhaps. What do you mean that’s 1 weird and 2 not at all possible. Well…..

Yes, it’s a little strange but anything you can imagine is possible on PC. Break down the barriers the developers were constrained to and open up a world far beyond your wildest imaginations. Mods on PC vary from implementing the best graphics and skins not available on the standard build to changing the dragons to Thomas the Tank Engine.

Mods are the reason the PC community is so alive and thriving.

Cheaper (Long-Term)

The biggest myth that prevents people from joining the PC Master Race (We kid, we kid) is the price of owning a top-quality gaming PC. In the short-term, a PC is definitely not the cheaper option and is a considerable investment but long-term the benefits are unmatched.

PC games are considering cheaper and you don’t have to buy a subscription to access online features.

Consoles have a rough lifecycle of between 4-7 years and as such incur more costs each time a new one comes out, new games, now peripherals etc. Costs tend to go up slightly for new consoles and games can get considerably more expensive, 2 AAA could set you back between £90-£100! Your PC will outlast these consoles in all regards, with only minor upgrades needed to maintain its performance.

Make the most of GAME’s finance option and pay as little as £140.43 over 12 months https://www.game.co.uk/en/yoyotech-warbird-x-i7-8086k-16gb-ddr4-gtx-1070-8gb-gaming-pc-2552125

Better Controls

Time to debunk another myth. If you’re not into your PC gaming you may be mistaken for thinking that utilising a keyboard and mouse would put you at a disadvantage as opposed to someone using a controller.

There’s a reason PC Gamers are a different breed than Console Gamers. Upon making the switch you might find yourself getting wrecked and feeling like a noob, this is due to your movement speed being much more fluid when using a mouse and keyboard. Adding in the fact that you can map your keys to particular movements and controls to finetune your controls, ensures the PC solidates itself as the superior gaming setup.

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