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Customer Feedback

We want to hear what you think! Please visit and let us know what we have done right or   wrong. Useful suggestions will receive a prize.

Some Customer Feedback:

 I purchased a bespoke system from Yoyotech in early 2011. I received a lot of help in setting up and they were very patient with my lack of knowledge in certain areas. The system functioned very well until I experienced a software fault with Windows 7 64 bit recently. I instructed the system to sleep and then it wouldn't wake-up. Powering down and restarting simply returned it to sleep mode with a blank display.

I called Yoyotech for advice and an engineer promptly and carefully guided me to the action to take on the Motherboard and this solved the problem.

5 star patient and knowledgeable service.



I order the CoolerMaster Silencio 650 from you on a Thursday afternoon.  I order it on a 7-10 day free delivery basis.  And I received it the next day on the Friday afternoon.   And your price was cheaper than anyone else's at the time.
I just wanted to say thank you for a quality service and I will recommend you where possible.
Andrew Hathaway