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Can't log in?

Having Trouble Logging in ?

 There are Two main reasons why you would not be able to log into the Yoyotech website:

1) You have not yet registered with the website. To register and join click on the following link

2) Should you have already registered but still having trouble logging into the website ?
2.1) On the log in page you will see the link for forgotten password. If you click on that and follow the steps you should receive your password within a few minutes. Then you can log in and continue to purchase.

2.2) If you have tried to recover your password using the above step and it des not work, there is a simple explanation for this. When we launched our new website and tried to bring our database into it so people would not need to reregister, it cause our data to be vulnerable. So we locked the data to keep it safe. We have now found a fix for this and It requires a quick manual fix. Please email with your full name and post code so we can apply the fix to your account.